SiteLite 2.0

Welcome to SiteLite 2.0

(Considered upgrading to SiteLite 3 ? Check it out.)

SiteLite is a program that:

  • lets you build and maintain simple sites without in-depth knowledge of html
  • lets you build and maintain complex sites with a minimum of effort on the tedious taks
  • has a completely open architecture without databases or proprietary file formats. All files, txt or html, may be inspected and edited by any editor at any time.
  • is based on a script file that describes your site, rather than an integrated IDE
  • splits content, structure and layout in a simple and efficient way.
  • lets you build and maintain sites in cooperation with other people, the source files may be anywhere on the internet.

If you want to test it, you can download from the Download page .

Some sites built with SiteLite:

Vevsted: B Stenseth
Modul: B Stenseth
Bygget: June 24, 2002
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SiteLite 2.0