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Welcome to SiteLite 1.5

(You should consider upgrading ? Check out version 3.)


  • is a program for generating and maintaining web sites.
  • matches your knowledge of html, from novice to expert.
  • is based on a script, rather than on an integrated development environment. SiteLite generates a site based on a script file that describes the structure of the site.
  • is based on exchangeable templates with tags for inserting blocks with contents.
  • uses no databases or special server functions. All files are in text format and may be inspected and manipulated by any editor at any time.
  • invites you to separate layout and structure from content. You write your content in simple html- or textpages, and leaves it to SiteLite to move this content into copies of the templates.
  • has an almost unlimited amount of flexibility in layout. You may redefine the templates completely and you may use stylesheets.
  • present your site with frames or not, and you may switch between the two approaches simply by changing one character in the script file.
  • has a default layout like the one you are looking at now, but may look almost any way you want.
  • has tools for detecting and repairing dead links.
  • has a general site-wide replace mechanism.
  • produces table of contents and indexes automatically
  • is, at least at the moment, a free program.