WXT, a Web and Xml Tool
from Ostfold College


WXT is: a Web and Xml Tool

You should consider using the next generation of WXT, found at: http://www.ia.hiof.no/wxt/wxtsite/
Developmet of the version presented on these pages are discontinued. Obvious errors are still corrected for some time.

WXT handles tasks that involves XML-files in general, and it has some special features that are directed towards XHTML.

Wxt is based on the following simple observation:

"if the Internet is wellformed, you can reach and collect everything with an URL and an XPATH-expression".

The fact that the Internet is not wellformed, may be a concern to those of us with a sceptical inclination, so it may also be usefull to access content that is not wellformed as well.

WXT can assist when you:

  • build and maintain websites based on XHTML.
  • merge and/or split XML-files and transform them on the way to produce documents of allmost any kind.
  • combine the two tasks and build XHTML-pages and sites from any wellformed XML-rawmaterial.
  • want to include text that is not wellformed into a wellformed surrounding.
  • combine the tasks and build XHTML-pages and sites

WXT is based on a few main principles:

  • It does not introduce any hidden or proprietary formats or files. You may at any time supplement WXT with other tools or abandon WXT completely.
  • It invites you to separate content, style and structure.
  • It is based on a script that competely defines a job, small or big. There is a GUI to monitor scripts and jobs, but WXT works as well from the command line.
  • You may use your editor of choice to prepare material.

WXT does not mess things up for you since:

  • It never deletes any files
  • It never change the content of other files than those you ask it to build.

WXT is

  • completely free and distributed "as is"
  • written in Java and testet extensively on MS Windows, and to some extent on Linux and MacOS

WXT, a Web and Xml Tool from Ostfold College: http://www.ia.hiof.no/~borres/wxtdoc/

Bygget med WXT : 25.aug.2009