WXT, a Web and Xml Tool
from Ostfold College
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  • World Wide Web Concortium, W2C. Links to a lot of definitions and tutorials. You will find sources for information on XML, XSLT, XSL-FO, XPATH, CSS etc. here.
  • Xalan. The transformation engine used in WXT.
  • FOP. Utility to tranform .fo-files to a lot of other formats.
  • DocBook. A definition of XML-documents, mainly for technical documentation. A number of transformation utilities are available for this format.
    http://www.docbook.org/ or http://www.oasis-open.org/home/index.php
  • SiteLite. A textbased sitebuilder written in VC++. Fast and insensible to bad XML/HTML-syntax, but requires eksplisitt markup. SiteLite is not maintained.
  • Ant. Ant works well together with WXT. You may call ANT-scripts from WXT and you may start WXT from ANT.
  • PrinceXML. It turns out to be very usefull to use WXT to build pages and pagegroups, and convert to PDF with PrinceXML.
  • The database module in WXT was originally written by three students at Østfold College: Fredrik Helgesen, Bjørn O Samdal, Kristoffer Mysen. Redesigned and rewritten in sept. 2005.

WXT, a Web and Xml Tool from Ostfold College: http://www.ia.hiof.no/~borres/wxtdoc/

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