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WXT is written in Java. The XPATH 1.0 and XSLT 1.0 functionality is realized with XALAN 2.6.0. WXT has been tested thoroughly on Windows and to some extent on Linux and MacOs.


Download WXT

If you have not installed a new version of JRE, you should do that first: getit


  • Download this zip-file: downloadWxt.zip, and unzip it in a catalog of your choice. Leave all files in that catalog.
  • Inspect and edit the file run.bat to match your installation path.
  • Run it.

... or any other procedure necessary to run the jar-file wxt.jar


Download demos

You can download a small set of simple demos. Download, unpack and open the script.xml -files i WXT: demozips.zip



Jan 04. 2008

Build: 1.0 - 20080104

Introducing PI's: demoref. This makes it possible to produce refrences that look different on screen than on paper.

Introducing attribute book in page-elements in the script. May be used in PI-collect and may be used by other programs to collect pages and pageinformation from a WXT-script. Available as property "_book".

Introducing attribute pubaddress in group-elements in the script. Available as property "_pubaddress".

Nov 22. 2007

Build: 1.0 - 20071122

Introducing PI's: ref and reflist. This makes it possible to collect and display references of any type in a simple way. It also facilitates a crude footnote-implementation.

Note that PI xref is also updated with an attribute, listname, which makes it possible to include crossrefrences in reference lists.

Sept 9. 2007

Build: 1.0 - 20070909

Fixing addressing problem for popup pages.

June 25. 2007

Build: 1.0 - 20070625

Introducing flexible expand/noexpand control of AJAX-requests.

Involves script option: expand_all and attribute expand on PIs: request and import-text.

May 22. 2007

Build: 1.0 - 20070522

Correcting pagecollection in PI collect

May 19. 2007

Build: 1.0 - 20070519

Minor updates of help files

Dec. 29. 2006

Build: 1.0 - 20061229

HTTPRequest included:
PI:request for simple fileaccess, see Request
PI:import-text for more sophisticated datapreparation, see TextImport
See also Ajax

Oct. 22. 2006

Build: 1.0 - 20061022

Minor corrections in codeformatting.
Added attribute replace in text import

Oct. 11. 2006

Build: 1.0 - 20061011

Minor corrections in codeformatting.
Selective text import from a candidate list is possible.

Sept. 04. 2006

Build: 1.0 - 20060904

Minor corrections.
References to page-fragments are simplified in form.
Pagedescritions are included as "title"-attributes in indextables.

July. 15. 2006

Build: 1.0 - 20060715

The property element in the script is changed. You may now use an attribute location to identify a property. The content is supposed to be a wellformed XML-fragment (no XML-header and no property tag). The location should be absolute or relative to the script.

The value-attribute is deprecated.

June. 06. 2006

Build: 1.0 - 20060606

Databaseaccess is changed. It is no longer legal to specify databaseaccess directly in the script. You must wrap the databaseaccess in a normal contentpage by a processing instruction.

One features introduced, see WXT-help:

  • daydiff - You may now calculate and display the difference between two dates. Accessible as a processing instruction.
Jan. 08. 2006

Build: 1.0 - 20060108

Refactoring of addresscalculation. A more robust solution for Linux.

Two features introduced, see WXT-help:

  • pathfragment - You may now define fragments of paths and use these in the script.
  • backup - content, textcontent, template and transformation elements ha an attribute backup which will be used if regular location is unavailabe.
Nov. 21. 2005

Build: 1.0 - 20051120

Added possibility for bootstrapping. That is a script may contain a bootstrap-element that instructs WXT to parse and build an other script in background. Faster than using external command.
<bootstrap location="myfile.xml"/>

Sequence is changed. Pages are now built before commands, which in turn are executed before bootstraps. You may as before change the sequence by using groups.

See WXT-help or The Script

Oct. 21. 2005

Build: 1.0 - 20051030

Databaseaccess added.

Sep. 01. 2005

Build: 1.0 - 20050901

Printing of script added.

Aug. 27. 2005

Build: 1.0 - 20050827

Error corrected in colorcoding, see below.

Aug. 11. 2005

Build: 1.0 - 20050811

Colorcoding of program fragments are improved.
See options in The Script and import-text in The PIs.

Aug. 01. 2005

Build: 1.0 - 20050801

Introducing colorcoded programcode as a possible import-text.

Apr. 04. 2005

Build: 1.0 - 20050404

Introducing threads in the GUI.
Major restructuring of memory strategy.
More robust addresscalculations.

Mar. 31. 2005

Build: 1.0 - 20050331

Simplify the logfile-mechanisme.
Fixing minor problems.

Mar. 28. 2005

Build: 1.0 - 20050328

Added dating of elements.
New attribute in collect.

The version/build string appearing in the about-box is erronous in builds older than this one. The build appears to be up to date at all times. You should download latest version to get it right.

Mar. 23. 2005

Build: 1.0 - 20050323

Added Popup (Processing Instruction)
Minor restructuring of code.

Mar. 13. 2005

Build: 1.0 - 20050313

Added a possibility for a log file that accumulates reports from parse, build and control actions. Available as OPTION in script and can be turned on/off from GUI.
Removed the annoying delay (due to syntax hilighting)when loading a script.
Minor restructuring of code.

Dec. 12. 2004

Build: 1.0 - 200411212

GUI modified
Added possibility to control links.

Nov. 28. 2004

Build: 1.0 - 20041128

Added target as an optional parameter to some TOC PI's and to the XREF PI.
Facilitating use of frames.

Oct. 02. 2004

Some adjustments in reporting.
Introduction of attribute wait in element command.
Schema is uppdated accordingly.

Sep. 17. 2004

WXT has been in production on several projects under MSWindows for some time. It seems to work according to expectations.

No serious testing done under Linux and MacOs.

WXT, a Web and Xml Tool from Ostfold College: http://www.ia.hiof.no/~borres/wxtdoc/

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