WXT, a Web and Xml Tool
from Ostfold College
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The pages in this section is more or less the same documentation that is distributed with the program. As a matter of fact WXT collects the documentation from the Java-project and produce these pages.

The first pages gives you a general idea of how WXT ticks.

The page Ajax introduces a Javascript library that come handy if you want to produce popup-pages or do HTTPRequests to make dynamic pages.

The page Styling explains how you must prepare CSS-materiel to get the best of WXT in webpages. A sample stylesheet is available.

The page XPATH introduces some simple xpath-expressions that may come handy as a strating ramp if you are not familiar with the concept.

The sections The Script and The PIs (Processing Instructions) is a detailed documentation of what you can do, and how.

WXT, a Web and Xml Tool from Ostfold College: http://www.ia.hiof.no/~borres/wxtdoc/

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