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Neither me nor Ostfold College take any responsibility for any damage caused by the program or the use of it. SiteLite is downloaded and used completely at your own risk. Reasonable measures has been taken to ensure that what you download is what it is meant to be.


Date What is new

Allowing "_scriptpath" as SITECATALOG-value in script. Denoting the catalog where the script is located. Makes it easier to move projects around without changing SITACATALOG.


Changing anchor format to avoid style confusion in Mozilla (mouse over effect).


Adjusting local toc output. Underscores in texts are removed.


Adding an attribute, REF, to element SL_POPUP, se Elements page. This does not affect old scripts since default is as before


Changing generated code for totaltoc (sitemap) to match XHTML.


Changing generated code for anchors to match XHTML.

Introducing hardcoded styles: singletoc and asingletoc for SINGLE TOC-elements (children or siblings)


Bugfix in implementation of element: <SL_SIMPLETOC>

Using COLS=0 will now perform as intended.


Bugfix in implementation of element: <SL_PRINTLIST>

Introduction of element <SL_FINALPAGETOC> to produce a full table of contents on a page after elements of type <SL_PRINTLIST> has been effectuated. See page Elements

2003-09-11 Minor fixes in fileopening and in production of backup of imported files (copies of imported Internet resources).
2003-06-03 Introducing element: <SL_POPUP> to facilitate administration of simple popup-windows. See page Elements

The calculated address for storing local copies of imported files are changed. Serverinformation is incorporated in path. Example:


A copy of the block will be stored as:


Existing local copies will not be changed. Delete your entire imported-catalog if you want full effect of this change.

2003-03-11 A new element is introduced: SL_XREF. This constitutes a safe way to set up references from one page to another within the site and benefit from the PAGETIP-effect. See page Elements for a full description.
2003-03-08 A new scripline is introduced:PAGETIP. Lines of this type is associated with a page and may contain a simple unformatted text which pops as the mouse is moved across a reference to that page in a table of content. The text is also available via the new element: <SL_PAGETIP/>. See pages Script and Elements for a full description.
2003-01-10 Element <PRINTLIST> has a new optional attribute: PAGETOC. See page Elements
2002-11-07 Two new script-lines are introduced:
POSTCOPY: from,to
The idea is to copy single files or catalogs before(PRE) or after(POST) a site is built. Se page Script.
2002-10-05 The name-attribute of a collection element is changed from NAME to COLLNAME.
2002-09-29 Enhancement: It is now possile to introduce the line:
in your script. rescat is a catalog relative to the sitecatalog where SiteLite will expect to find resources. It may also be an absolute URL. It may not be an absolute filepath.
This is done to simplify the sharing of resources between to or more sites.
2002-09-09 Enhancement:
You can inspect the properties of a file selected in listbox. Menu Tools-Properties of selected page, whith accelerator ctrl-p.
2002-09-01 Enhancement:
DoubleClick on filelist is same as Tools - Browse selected page, whith accelerator ctrl-b.
2002-08-27 Enhancement:
Interface on Tools - Replace dialogbox changed.
A simple searchfunction introduced as Tools - Find.
2002-08-18 Enhancement: Element SL_PAGEURL is introduced to make it possible to pick up each pages absolute URL. Depends on script-line SITEURL:
2002-08-17 Bugfix: Browse button in New Site is activated
2002-08-02 If a pagename contains breaks (<br> or <br/>), these breaks will unconditionnaly be replaced by a space in SL_TRAIL-elements and title-elements. The breaks may be replaced by a space from the SL_PAGENAME-element with the UNBREAK="ON" attribute.
2002-07-09 Slight modification allows rtf-files as sourceblocks, templates and result.
2002-07-07 Minor updates of standard templates and resources.
Correction of a rare error occuring when there is no homepage in the site.
2002-06-24 SiteLite 3.0 released for betatesting.


SiteLite 3.0 offers an automatic upgrade of your site from version 2.0. When SiteLite reads a script without the line: SITEVERSION=3, it assumes that the script is a description of a site built with version 2. SiteLite inspects and attempts to update all templates and all blocks in the site, in addition to the script itself. SiteLite does not do anything with the style sheet file during update.

It is a good idea to make a backup copy of the site before you allow an automatic update.

Note the following:

  1. The C-type template is abandoned. P-type is used in stead. You may want to introduce the C-type template by a ATEMPLATE-line in the script, or put the FULLTOC-element in the block.

  2. Investigate the templates, and pay special attention to the SL_PREV,SL_NEXT,SL_HOME elements. The structure has changed and SiteLite does not convert this. Make a new site and inspect the "standard" templates to learn how to.

  3. Investigate the stylesheet, and make sure you have all the hardcoded styles present. Make a new site and inspect the "standard" def.css file to check.

November 30, 2004
http://www.ia.hiof.no/~borres/sitelite/ver30/ http://www.ia.hiof.no/~borres/sitelite/ver30/ http://www.ia.hiof.no/~borres/sitelite/ver30/