Welcome to SiteLite

SiteLite is a program that helps you build and maintain websites. No proprietary fileformats, no databases, just HTML in any form you like. SiteLite supports a philosophy that reckognize content, structure and layout as different properties of a website. Simple things are simple and complicated things are possible. Its all up to you.

SiteLite is built in VC++ and runs at the moment only on MS Windows.

..and it is completely free (at your own risk)

Version 3

SiteLite 3 released june 2002. If you are a SiteLite 2 user, you should upgrade your site(s). SiteLite 3 offers greater flexibility, better user interface and a cleaner philosophy.

If you are into XML, you should consider WXT as an alternative.
See: WXT

Older SiteLite-versions of archeological interest:

version 2
version 1.5

These will not be maintained.

Østfold College, July 2003
Børre Stenseth